FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of pictures do you take?

A: Photography is my hobby so my photos run the gamut: I have taken photos of family and friends, environmental landscapes, monuments, architectural spaces, and interiors as well as artistic composition. I have also worked at events, milestone celebrations, and produced portfolios and theatrical head shots. But, I most prefer candid photography with people as my subjects.

Q: Would you take a picture of our pets?

A: Of course, I would be happy take a picture of your pet or include them in a family photo.


Q: How do I make a booking?

A: Please fill out the form below and send it to me. You will get a confirmation that your message has been sent to me. I will personally acknowledge receipt of your request within 72 hours. (If you do not receive an email from me within 4 days of time, you should assume there has been an email error; in that case, please do resend the form.) I will confirm a booking one week prior to the shoot.

Q: So a request for a date does not ensure a shoot?

A: That’s right, we both maintain flexibility until the booking is confirmed. Once you have a confirmed booking it’s a guarantee.

Q: Can we book you for our wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Christening, etc.

A: Because I am not able to guarantee a shoot more than one week ahead of time, I recommend other photographers for these very time specific photo shoots.

Q: We would like to book in advance so that we can be certain of securing your services for our photos.

A: When you contact me with a request, I will mark my calendar with your requested date. 3-10 days before the desired date we will confirm via email. My experience has shown: the weather, school children’s schedules and illnesses can wreak havoc on plans made too far ahead of time. The advantage of my method is that you will be able to get a confirmed shoot just a few days ahead of time once you know you are ready.


Days of the Week
Q: When do you offer sessions?

A: I work primarily on weekends. Occasionally, other times, during the evening, may be arranged, please use the form below to contact me with your request.

Time of Year
Q: When is the optimum time to conduct a shoot?

A: I can schedule a shoot for you at anytime. Popular times have been: spring time, summer vacation, holidays, during “leaf season” in the fall and at the beginning of the school year.

Time of Day
Q: When is the best time of day to schedule a shoot?

A: Everyones rhythm and needs are different, I will work with you to choose a good time. Since good light is always a factor the early morning, before eleven o’clock is optimal.

Getting Ready
Q: What should we wear?

A: Keep your clothing simple and comfortable. Solid colors are best. Avoid logos, lettering and distracting designs on your clothes. I’ve found clients are more satisfied with their pictures when the focus is on the expressions and visages of the people, rather than on what they are wearing.

Q: Will you let us change our clothes; for an alternate look?

A: Yes, absolutely, bring a change of clothes if you wish. I will keep shooting as long as there is still time available. Standard bookings can last up to thirty minutes.

Q: What can we do to prepare for the shoot?

A: For Family Photos:
I have learned the best shots are captured during the first ten to twenty minutes of the shoot. When you and your family are relaxed and prepared I will be able to catch fantastic candid images. Especially when small children are involved fluidity is key.
A.: For Photos where all subjects are adults:
A few days before the shoot itself, review in your mind the clothing, props, and locations you wish to include. The day before the shoot make sure you have everything at the ready, this not only saves time, but also conserves your good mood. As long as the subjects are all relaxed and wishing to continue, good pictures are to be had even when the shoot is of a longer duration.


Q: We heard you work out of doors, Really?.

A: Yes, my strength is candid, on location shoots. I am noted for my ability to take excellent photos using natural light.

Q: We heard you travel to scenic locations, will you go to XYZ destination?

A: Please include your location ideas when filling out my form below. Locations requiring more travel time and preparation will cost more, but if you have a unique idea please try me out, and I may be able to accommodate it.

Q: Where do you usually shoot?

A: I am open to working just about anywhere. The Wellesley Duck Pond, Walden Pond, any local parks, local school yards , back yards, and living rooms have been common client choices.

Q: Do you have a studio?

A: I do not have a studio, but I will take seated shots, or produce formal portraiture at your home or office if you prefer.


Q: How much do you charge?

1) Standard Session: $260 (1 Hr session. Good for most families, senior portraits, fashion/glamour, any other portrait sessions.)

2) Extended Session: $260 for the first one hour and
$80 for every half-hour thereafter
e.g. 60 minutes cost $260.00, 90 minutes costs $340.00, etc.

3) Specialty Session: Please email me.
4) Signup sessions: Sessions of 30 min time slots organized in one day one location. it is very affordable. email me for details.

Q: What is a “standard session”?

A: A session for an individual, one generation of a family or small group of people lasting up to 1 hour duration constitutes a standard session. I recommend this for any individual or a family with small children.

Q: When should I choose an “extended session”?

A: If you have a large family, company or group of people, and you wish to have different combinations of individuals have their photos taken together this is a good choice. You can also use this session if your creative ideas just take lot of time.

Q: What are specialty sessions and why do they cost more?

A: “Specialty sessions” are those:
requiring extra travel time,
utilizing locations requiring more prep work (e.g. a beach),
Invloving more photography/lighting equipments
involving multiple clothing changes for models or fashion, glamour, commercial photography.

For any non-traditional portrait sessions or product photography we can discuss the feasibility and cost ahead of time, make sure to let me know what you would like to arrange by using my form below.

Output & Rights:

Q: Who has rights to the photos, and how much will reproduction cost me?

A: You will own all rights to your photos in perpetuity and may reprint as many as you wish whenever you wish.

Q: When will I receive my photos?

A: My normal turn around is six days
In certain cases, a two day “rush turn around” can be arranged

Q: How many prints will we receive?

A: I will not send you any prints.
You will receive a link by mail where you can doanload all pictures.
It will include all of your photos in:
Three Treatments:
Color, Black & White, and Sepia Tone

And Two Sizes
Smaller pixilation good for online/web/email use
Larger file good for making prints

That means if I take 50 shots you will receive 300 image files.
(50 x 3) x 2 = 300


Q: How do we pay for the shoot?

A: I require a cash payment at the time of the shoot.


Q: I have seen some lovely examples of your work, and want to capture images of my children before the season is past, but can not afford anything extra at this time. Do you ever offer a discount?

A: If you are in a position to arrange a series of shoots for members of your community, and you help during the shoot (e.g. holding reflectors and distracting children) you will be able to earn a free shoot at another time for yourself. Please contact me for more information.

Q: How can we subcontract you to take photos as a fundraiser for our organization?

A: Several groups have successfully done just this with great results; both the photos and the funds!. Write me about the size of your group and what you had in mind, and I will give you details of how we can make this work for your group. Please use the form below to contact me.