Fall Photography 2021  -  SignUp Sheets!    

Please pick a date/time/location that works best for you.

If you dont find a slot you like please come back to this this page later for newer signup sheets or cancelled slots.

This page to be updated with new signupsheets on Mondays in Oct/Nov.

     Fee  -  $180    

Day Photo Location Signup sheets
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Status Notes.
Pictures taken Expected delivery date. Processing status
10/23/2021Winchester LibraryDoneYes10/28/2021Processing. . .
10/24/2021Wellesley TownhallDoneYes10/29/2021Processing. . .
10/30/2021Wellesley TownhallClick here to signupNo11/4/2021(New)
10/31/2021Winchester LibraryClick here to signupNo11/5/2021(New)

This signup sheet is updated every Monday with new dates.